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ModelArts is a one-stop development platform for AI developers. With data preprocessing, semi-automated data labeling, distributed training, and automated model building, ModelArts helps developers build models and manage the AI development lifecycle.

Progressive Knowledge

ModelArts knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


Getting to know the architecture, functions, and basic knowledge of HUAWEI CLOUD ModelArts helps you accurately match actual services and makes AI development easier.

Service Overview


ModelArts ExeML is a customized code-free model development tool that helps users start AI application development from scratch with high flexibility. 

Introduction to ExeML

Project Classification


ModelArts samples concerning a variety of scenarios and AI engines to help you quickly understand the process and operations of using ModelArts for AI development.

ModelArts Samples

ModelArts Practices


ModelArts provides open APIs and API calling examples so that you can use them to manage datasets, jobs, models, and services.

API Reference


ModelArts Software Development Kit (ModelArts SDK) encapsulates the ModelArts RESTful APIs in Python language to simplify application development.

SDK Reference


ModelArts supports automated learning, namely, ExeML, and provides multiple pre-trained models. In addition, it integrates Jupyter Notebook to provide online code development environments.

Service Developers

AI Beginners

AI Engineers: AI Development Lifecycle

AI Development Lifecycle

ModelArts provides online code compiling environments as well as AI Development Lifecycle that covers data preparation, model training, model management, and service deployment for developers who are familiar with code compilation, debugging, and common AI engines, helping the engineers build models efficiently and quickly.

Operation Guide


Data Management


Model Training

Model Management

Model Deployment

Specifications and Examples


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