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Updated on 2023-11-21 GMT+08:00

What Is GeminiDB Influx API?

GeminiDB Influx API is a cloud-native NoSQL time-series database with decoupled compute and storage and full compatibility with InfluxDB. This high availability database is secure and scalable, can be deployed, backed up, or restored quickly, and provides monitoring and alarm management. You can also expand storage or compute resources separately. It is widely used to monitor resources, services, IoT devices, and industrial production processes, evaluate production quality, and trace faults. GeminiDB Influx API meets the demand of high concurrent read and write, compressed storage, and SQL-like query, and supports multi-dimensio nal aggregation computing and visualized data analysis.

It provides high write performance, flexibility, high compression ratio, and high query performance.

  • Efficient write

    Data is written in parallel, distributed mode, and up to trillions of data points can be written per day.

  • Flexibility

    Compute nodes can be independently up or down scaled to meet service requirements, and data is not migrated during scale-out. Cluster nodes can be scaled in or out in minutes.

  • High compression ratio

    The column-oriented storage and dedicated compression algorithm improve the compression ratio of GeminiDB Influx by 5 to 10 times compared with the open-source version.

  • Efficient query

    GeminiDB Influx can easily handle a large number of analysis tasks by running multiple threads concurrently on multiple nodes.

Typical Application Scenarios

  • IoT sensor time series data analysis

    IoT applications often require a high level of scale and reliability. GeminiDB Influx API can achieve very high throughput and concurrency, so it can handle a large number of connections in a very short period of time, making it an excellent choice for IoT applications.


    Intensive write

    In less write-intensive scenarios, the write performance is 4.5 times that of the open source version. When write demands are more intensive, the write performance is 3.3 times that of the open source version.

    Elastic scalability

    Thanks to a distributed architecture with decoupled compute and storage, compute nodes can be expanded in minutes to handle with service peaks.

  • Securities and cryptocurrency transactions

    GeminiDB Influx API stores user bank statements and builds an anti-fraud system for risk control in banks.


    Efficient query

    GeminiDB Influx API can be deployed in a region close to your users, so they can enjoy faster processing and response.

    Real-time analysis

    The series data can be synchronized to the cloud to be analyzed in real-time.

  • Real-time monitoring with hardware and software

    GeminiDB Influx API can store user behavior data to support precision marketing and user profiling.


    Efficient write and query

    GeminiDB Influx API can handle trillions of data points per day and support multi-node and multi-thread parallel query.

    Real-time analysis

    The series data can be synchronized to the cloud to be analyzed in real-time.

  • Environmental protection industry

    GeminiDB Influx API supports the writing of massive amounts of time series data, making it stable and reliable for environmental protection data collection.


    Efficient write and query

    Vectorized query APIs and efficient time series data query operators such as aggregation and convolution can process a large number of concurrent data writes and queries.