Updated on 2022-08-11 GMT+08:00

How Do I Renew HSS?

You can renew your HSS when it is about to expire. After the renewal, you can continue to use the service.

  • Auto-renew

    If you have selected and agreed to auto renewal, the system automatically generates a renewal order and renews the subscription based on the original subscription period before the service expires.

  • Manual renewal

    Before the service expires, the system will send an SMS message or email to remind you to renew it.

    If you do not renew the service before it expires, it will enter the retention period.

    For details about the retention period, see Retention Period.

    In the retention period, HSS will no longer protect your servers, but HSS-related configurations will be retained. When the retention period expires, the HSS-related configurations will be deleted.

    For server security purposes, you are advised to renew your quota in a timely manner.


You have obtained the login account (with the BSS Administrator and HSS Administrator permissions) and password for logging in to the management console.

An account with the BSS Administrator permission can perform any operation on all menu items in the account center, billing center, and resource center.


  1. View all quotas and locate the quota to be renewed.
  2. In the Operation column of the quota to be renewed, click Renew.
  3. Complete the renewal as prompted on the corresponding page.

    For details, see Manually Renewing a Resource.

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