Updated on 2022-10-29 GMT+08:00

What Is the HSS Agent?

The HSS agent is used to scan all servers and containers, monitor their status in real time, and collect their information and report to the cloud protection center.

There are different agent versions for Linux and Windows OSs. The HSS protection functions will be available after you install the agent and enable HSS protection.

Functions of the Agent

  • The agent runs scan tasks every day in the early morning to scan all servers and containers, monitors their security, and reports information collected from them to the cloud protection center.
  • The agent blocks attacks targeted at servers and containers based on the security policies you configured.
  • If the agent is not installed or is abnormal, HSS is unavailable.
  • The agent can be installed on HUAWEI CLOUD Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs), Bare Metal Servers (BMSs), offline servers, and third-party cloud servers.
  • WTP, CGS, and HSS share the same agent, so you only need to install the agent once on the same server.

Linux Agent Processes

The agent process needs to be run by the root user.

The agent contains the following processes:

Table 1 Linux agent processes

Agent Process Name




Detects security issues, protects the system, and monitors the agent.



Upgrades the agent.


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