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Updated on 2022-12-28 GMT+08:00

How Do I Enable Logging for Login Failures?


The account hacking prevention function for Linux supports MySQL 5.6 and 5.7. Perform the following steps to enable logging for login failure:

  1. Log in to the host as the root user.
  2. Run the following command to query the log_warnings value:

    show global variables like 'log_warnings'

  3. Run the following command to change the log_warnings value:

    set global log_warnings=2

  4. Modify the configuration file.

    • For a Linux OS, modify the my.conf file by adding log_warnings=2 to [MySQLd].


This section shows you how to enable logging for vsftp login failures.

  1. Modify the configuration file (for example, /etc/vsftpd.conf) and set the following parameters:



  2. Restart the vsftp service. If the setting is successful, log records shown in the logs shown in Figure 1 will be returned when you log in to vsftp.

    Figure 1 Log Records

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