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Host Security Service

Host Security Service (HSS) is designed to improve the overall security for hosts. It reduces intrusion risks with asset management, vulnerability management, intrusion detection, and baseline inspection functions.

Progressive Knowledge

HSS knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


Learn about HSS, about its different editions, and when you will need them.

Service Overview


Learn how to install agents based on your OS types, set alarm notifications, and enable protection for your servers.

Installing an Agent

Enabling Alarm Notification

Enabling HSS


Learn how to detect and eliminate security issues in the course of routine management.

Web Deployment


Learn how to choose which HSS edition to purchase and how much it will cost.

Service Specification

Billing Mode


Be a Power User

Learn how to switch editions, modify security configurations, review risk reports and suggestions, and eliminate risks in a timely manner.

Host Protection

Web Tamper Protection