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Huawei HiLens

Huawei HiLens is a one-stop platform for the development, distribution, deployment, and management of AI applications. It provides extensive device-cloud synergy capabilities such as large-scale device management, dynamic application deployment, online training, and device model optimization.

Progressive Knowledge

Huawei HiLens knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


Getting to know the functions, advantages, and working processes of Huawei HiLens helps you accurately match actual services and implement one-stop AI skill development.

Service Overview

Be a Power User

Huawei HiLens places skill development, device deployment and management, data management, and skill market all on one portal, so that you can easily develop AI skills and install them on computing devices.

Procedures for Using Huawei HiLens

Registering HiLens Kit Devices

Managing Devices

Developing Skills

Using Skill Market

Managing Products


Huawei HiLens presets extensive AI skills and supports multiple development frameworks. In addition, it provides a HiLens Framework that encapsulates basic components, making skill development easier.



Development Guide

Huawei HiLens provides open HiLens Framework APIs and calling examples so that you can use them to develop skills running on specified devices.

HiLens Framework API


Huawei HiLens Framework Software Development Kit (HiLens Framework SDK) is a C++ development package of the HiLens Framework running on HiLens Kit devices. It enables you to develop C++ skills and run them on HiLens Kit devices.

HiLens Framework SDK


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