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Updated on 2024-04-11 GMT+08:00

Comparison Between AOM 1.0 and AOM 2.0

Do I Need to Be Authorized to Use AOM 2.0 While I Already Have AOM 1.0 Permissions?

AOM 2.0 billing is different from that of AOM 1.0. If you switch from AOM 1.0 to AOM 2.0 for the first time, apply for the permission to use AOM 2.0 by referring to Subscribing to AOM 2.0.

What Are the Function Differences Between AOM 2.0 and AOM 1.0?

Based on AOM 1.0 functions and common application monitoring, AOM 2.0 collects and monitors more metrics and log data, and displays monitoring results in a visualized manner. In addition, the Automation service makes routine O&M operations servitized and automated, reducing repeated operations. For details, see Comparison Between AOM 1.0 and AOM 2.0.

As AOM 1.0 functions are gradually replaced by AOM 2.0, AOM 1.0 will be brought offline soon. You are advised to upgrade AOM 1.0 to AOM 2.0. For details, see Upgrading to AOM 2.0.

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