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Face Recognition Service

Face Recognition Service (FRS) is an intelligent service that uses computers to process, analyze, and understand facial images based on human facial features. 

Progressive Knowledge

FRS knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


Getting to know the service overview, application scenarios, restriction  and limitations of HUAWEI CLOUD FRS. 

Service Overview


After creating an ECS, you can log in to it and initialize data disks in multiple ways to start your ECS.

Logging in to an ECS

Initializing Data Disks


ECSs support the deployment of websites and applications to meet your service requirements.
Web Deployment

Web Deployment


Several ECS APIs and calling examples help you manage ECSs, disks, images, snapshots, network, and security groups.

API Reference


FRS provides services through open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). You can obtain the face recognition results by accessing and calling APIs in real time. It recognizes and compares faces automatically and provides you with the similarity degrees, thereby improving service efficiency.

API Reference

Be a Power User

You can modify ECS specifications, change ECS OSs, configure security group rules, and adjust quotas based on service requirements. Additionally, you can view monitoring metrics and audit logs in real time to determine ECS health statuses.

Common Operations

Network Security

Resource Management

O&M and Monitoring


Learn more about common issues and solutions.