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Updated on 2022-09-22 GMT+08:00

What Are the Private DNS Server Addresses Provided by Huawei Cloud?

Private DNS servers are used in VPCs to:

  • Resolve private domain names and internal domain names of cloud services.
  • Forward domain name requests to public DNS servers.

You can use private DNS servers provided by the DNS service to:

  • Resolve private domain names used in VPCs.
  • Access cloud services such as OBS and SMN.
  • Allow ECSs without EIPs to access the Internet.

Table 1 lists private DNS server addresses provided by the Huawei Cloud in different regions.

  • Set the DNS server addresses of the VPC subnet where the ECS resides to the private DNS server addresses of each region, as shown in Table 1.
  • If you set DNS Server Address to external DNS server addresses, traffic will be routed to public IP addresses when ECS accesses other cloud services, which may incur additional traffic fees.
  • When an ECS accesses a third-party domain name on the Internet, the private DNS server functions as a recursive DNS server, and the authoritative DNS server returns the final resolution result. Whether the resolution result is reliable or optimal depends on uncontrollable factors such as third-party authoritative DNS. It is recommended that ECSs access cloud services using their private domain names.
Table 1 Private DNS server addresses


Private DNS Server Address

CN North-Beijing1

CN North-Beijing4

CN Southwest-Guiyang1

CN South-Guangzhou

CN East-Shanghai1

CN East-Shanghai2

CN South-Guangzhou-InvitationOnly

CN-Hong Kong





LA-Sao Paulo1

LA-Mexico City1

LA-Mexico City2

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