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Updated on 2022-09-22 GMT+08:00

How Do I Migrate My Domain from Another DNS Service Provider to Huawei Cloud DNS?

You can migrate a domain name to Huawei Cloud DNS from another DNS service provider.


  1. Create a public zone.

    Before you migrate your domain name, create a public zone for the domain name on the DNS console.

    For details, see Routing Internet Traffic to a Website.

    After you create a public zone, the system automatically creates the NS and SOA record sets, which are used to query information about the authoritative DNS servers.

  2. Add record sets.

    Migrate record sets of the domain name to the DNS service. You can export them from your current DNS service provider and import them to the DNS service.

    For details, see Managing Record Sets.

  3. Run the following command to check whether a DNS record has taken effect:
    • For Windows OS

      nslookup [-qt= Type] Domain name Authoritative DNS server

    • For Linux OS

      dig Type Domain name @Authoritative DNS server

  4. Change the DNS servers for the domain name in the system of the original DNS service provider. For details, see the operation guide on the official website of the DNS service provider.
  5. Wait for the change to take effect.

    Typically, changes to DNS server addresses are quickly updated to top-level DNS servers and take effect on the Internet. However, some DNS service providers usually set the TTL value of the NS record to 48 hours. In this case, if the NS record is cached, the change will take effect in 48 hours.

    You can check the accurate time on the DNS service provider's website. Do not delete original record sets until the change takes effect. In this case, even if the change does not take effect, your services will not be interrupted.

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