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Data Ingestion Service

Data Ingestion Service (DIS) addresses the challenge of transmitting data from outside the cloud to inside the cloud. DIS builds data intake streams for custom applications capable of processing or analyzing streaming data. DIS continuously captures, transmits, and stores terabytes of data from hundreds of thousands of sources every hour, such as logs, Internet of Things (IoT) data, social media feeds, website clickstreams, and location-tracking

Progressive Knowledge

DIS knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


DIS application scenarios and types are provided to help you quickly select your desired type to match services. This facilitates rapid service migration to HUAWEI CLOUD.

Service Overview


 Instructions are provided on how to collect and upload data to DIS using DIS Agent.

DIS Agent Overview

Uploading Data


ECSs support the deployment of websites and applications to meet your service requirements.
Web Deployment

Web Deployment


 With the open APIs and referring to the calling examples, you can create DIS streams, upload and download data, and add and delete dump tasks.

API Reference


Learn more about common issues and solutions.