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Creating Access Keys (AK and SK)

Updated at: Jul 14, 2021 GMT+08:00

In this example, OBS data is imported to GaussDB(DWS) databases. When users who have registered with the public cloud use clients, call APIs, or use SDKs to access OBS, access keys (AK/SK) are required for user authentication Therefore, if you want to connect to the GaussDB(DWS) database through a client or a JDBC/ODBC application to access OBS, obtain the access keys (AK and SK) first.

  • Access Key ID (AK): indicates the ID of the access key, which is a unique identifier used in conjunction with a secret access key to sign requests cryptographically.
  • Secret access key (SK): indicates key used together with its associated AK to cryptographically sign requests. The AK and SK are used together to identify a request sender to prevent the request from being modified.


If you find that your AK/SK pair is abnormally used (for example, the AK/SK pair is lost or leaked) or will be no longer used, delete your AK/SK pair in the access key list or contact the administrator to reset your AK/SK pair.

When deleting the access keys, you need to enter the login password and either an email or mobile verification code.

Deleted AK/SK pairs cannot be restored.

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