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Storage Space Management

Updated at: Sep 17, 2021 GMT+08:00


Users using too much storage space may result in service blocking. To prevent this problem, you need to enhance the control over the storage space.

Storage Space Management

  • User space limit


Assume that you need to set the maximum space of user user1 to 100 GB.

  1. Create user user1.

    CREATE USER user1 PASSWORD 'Bigdata@123' PERM SPACE '100G';

  2. Insert data as user user1.

1. The CN periodically obtains and checks space information from a DN. The interval is 10s.

2. When detecting that the required space exceeds the current available space, the CN cancels all data inserting jobs and records the following information in the log file in the pg_log directory: "cancel thread <threadid> for space limit exceed."

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