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Planning Resources

Updated at: Sep 17, 2021 GMT+08:00

Before configuring resource load management, plan tenant resources based on service models. After services run for a period of time, you can adjust the configurations based on resource usage.

Assume that two departments in a large enterprise use the same cluster. GaussDB(DWS) puts system resources used by the same department in a group to isolate resources for different departments. Table 1 describes the resource plan.

Table 1 Tenant resource plan

Tenant Name

Parameter Name

Example Value

Tenant A

Sub-Class Cgroup


Workload Cgroup

  • workload_a1
  • workload_a2

Group resource pool


Service resource pool

  • resource_pool_a1
  • resource_pool_a2

Group user


Service user

  • tenant_a1
  • tenant_a2

Tenant B

Sub-Class Cgroup


Workload Cgroup

  • workload_b1
  • workload_b2

Group resource pool


Service resource pool

  • resource_pool_b1
  • resource_pool_b2

Group user


Service user

  • tenant_b1
  • tenant_b2

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