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DROP DATABASE deletes a database.


  • Only the owner of a database or a system administrator has the permission to run the DROP DATABASE command.
  • DROP DATABASE does not take effect for the three preinstalled system databases (POSTGRES, TEMPLATE0, and TEMPLATE1) because they are protected. To check databases in the current service, run the \l command of gsql.
  • This command cannot be run while the database to be deleted is associated with a user. You can check the current database connections in the v$session view.
  • DROP DATABASE cannot be run inside a transaction block.
  • If DROP DATABASE fails to be run and is rolled back, run DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS.

DROP DATABASE cannot be undone.


DROP DATABASE [ IF EXISTS ] database_name ;

Parameter Description


    Sends a notice instead of an error if the specified database does not exist.

  • database_name

    Specifies the name of the database to be deleted.

    Value range: A string indicating an existing database name.


See Examples in CREATE DATABASE.

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