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Data Structure

Updated at: Aug 28, 2019 GMT+08:00
  • Enumerated type of commands delivered by OceanConnect
 typedef enum   
      ATINY_GET_MANUFACTURER,         /*Obtain the manufacturer name.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_MODEL_NUMBER,         /*Obtain device models defined and used by the manufacturer.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_SERIAL_NUMBER,        /*Obtain the device SN.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_FIRMWARE_VER,         /*Obtain the firmware version number.*/ 
      ATINY_DO_DEV_REBOOT,            /*Deliver device resetting commands.*/  
      ATINY_DO_FACTORY_RESET,         /*Restore factory resetting.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_POWER_SOURCE,         /*Obtain power supplies.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_SOURCE_VOLTAGE,       /*Obtain device voltage.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_POWER_CURRENT,        /*Obtain device current.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_BATERRY_LEVEL,        /*Obtain the battery level.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_MEMORY_FREE,          /*Obtain idle memory.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_DEV_ERR,              /*Obtain the device status, such as used-up memory and low battery level.*/ 
      ATINY_DO_RESET_DEV_ERR,         /*Obtain the device resetting status.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_CURRENT_TIME,         /*Obtain the current time.*/ 
      ATINY_SET_CURRENT_TIME,         /*Set the current time.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_UTC_OFFSET,           /*Obtain the UTC difference.*/ 
      ATINY_SET_UTC_OFFSET,           /*Set the UTC difference.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_TIMEZONE,             /*Obtain the time zone.*/ 
      ATINY_SET_TIMEZONE,             /*Set the time zone.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_BINDING_MODES,        /*Obtain the binding mode.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_FIRMWARE_STATE,       /*Obtain the firmware upgrade status.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_NETWORK_BEARER,       /*Obtain the network bearer type, such as GSM and WCDMA. */ 
      ATINY_GET_SIGNAL_STRENGTH,      /*Obtain the network signal strength.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_CELL_ID,              /*Obtain the network cell ID.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_LINK_QUALITY,         /*Obtain network link quality.*/  
      ATINY_GET_LINK_UTILIZATION,     /*Obtain network link usage.*/ 
      ATINY_WRITE_APP_DATA,           /*Write command words delivering service data.*/ 
      ATINY_UPDATE_PSK,               /*Update PSK command words.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_LATITUDE,             /*Obtain device latitude.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_LONGITUDE,            /*Obtain device longitude.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_ALTITUDE,             /*Obtain device height.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_SPEED,                /*Obtain device running speed.*/ 
      ATINY_GET_TIMESTAMP,            /*Obtain timestamp.*/ 
  } atiny_cmd_e;

  • Enumerated type of key events

This enumerated type is used to notify users of the statuses of LiteOS SDK device-cloud interconnect components.

typedef enum  
     ATINY_REG_OK,              /*Device registration successful*/ 
     ATINY_REG_FAIL,            /*Device registration failed*/ 
     ATINY_DATA_SUBSCRIBLE,     /*Starting data subscription. Devices allow to report data */ 
     ATINY_DATA_UNSUBSCRIBLE,   /*Canceling data subscription. Devices stop reporting data*/ 
     ATINY_FOTA_STATE           /*Firmware upgrade status*/
 } atiny_event_e;
  • LwM2M parameter structure
typedef struct  
     char* binding;                             /*U or UQ is currently supported.*/
     int   life_time;                           /*LwM2M protocol life cycle, which is set to 50000 by default.*/
     unsigned int  storing_cnt;                 /*Number of LwM2M cache data packets*/
 } atiny_server_param_t;
  • Security and server parameter structure
typedef struct  
     bool  is_bootstrap;      /*Whether the bootstrap server is used.*/ 
     char* server_ip;         /*Server IP address, which can be represented by character strings and supports IPv4 and IPv6.*/ 
     char* server_port;       /*Server port number.*/ 
     char* psk_Id;            /*PSK ID.*/ 
     char* psk;               /*PSK*/ 
     unsigned short psk_len;  /*PSK length*/ 
 } atiny_security_param_t;
  • Enumerated type of reported data

Type of data reported by users, which can be expanded based on users' applications.

typedef enum  
     FIRMWARE_UPDATE_STATE = 0;  /*LWM2M protocol life cycle, which is set to 50000 by default.*/ 
     APP_DATA                     /*User data*/ 
 } atiny_report_type_e;
  • Server parameter structure
typedef struct  
     atiny_server_param_t   server_params;  
     atiny_security_param_t security_params[2];  /*One IoT server and one bootstrap server are supported.*/ 
 } atiny_param_t;

  • Device parameter structure
typedef struct   
     char* endpoint_name;    /*Device ID generated for northbound application*/  
     char* manufacturer;     /*Manufacturer name generated for northbound application*/ 
     char* dev_type;         /*Device type generated for northbound application*/ 
 } atiny_device_info_t;
  • Reported data structure

The following enumerated values indicate user data types. For example, data is sent successfully; data has been sent but is not acknowledged. The specific information is as follows:

typedef enum  
     NOT_SENT = 0,        /*To-be-reported data has not been sent.*/ 
     SENT_WAIT_RESPONSE,  /*To-be-reported data has been sent and is waiting for response.*/ 
     SENT_FAIL,           /*To-be-reported data sending failed.*/ 
     SENT_TIME_OUT,       /*To-be-reported data has been sent and waiting for response times out.*/ 
     SENT_SUCCESS,        /*To-be-reported data sending successful.*/ 
     SENT_GET_RST,        /*To-be-reported data has been sent but the receiver sends an RST packet.*/ 
     SEND_PENDING,        /*To-be-reported data is waiting for sending.*/ 
 } data_send_status_e;  

//Users can use the following data structure to report data:

  typedef struct _data_report_t  
     atiny_report_type_e type;    /*Reported data type, such as service data and remaining battery level.*/  
     int cookie;                  /*Data cookie, which is used to distinguish data during ACK callback.*/  
     int len;                     /*Data length, which must be not greater than MAX_REPORT_DATA_LEN.*/  
     uint8_t* buf;                /*First address of the data buffer.*/  
     atiny_ack_callback callback; /*ACK callback, whose value is data_send_status_e.*/  
 } data_report_t;

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