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Updated on 2022-11-30 GMT+08:00

What Does Automatic O&M Include?

CBH professional editions support automatic O&M, making complex O&M precise and efficient. Automatic O&M includes account synchronization, online script management, fast O&M of multiple resources, and multi-step automatic O&M.

  • Account synchronization: You can effectively monitor accounts on hosts, detect zombie accounts or unmanaged accounts in a timely manner, and enhance asset management and control.

    For details, see Account Synchronization Rules.

  • Online script management: You can import or edit scripts online to centrally manage and run scripts in the CBH system. Python and Shell script formats are supported.
  • Fast O&M of multiple resources: Commands or scripts can be quickly executed on multiple resources through the SSH protocol. The execution results are returned based on the initiated commands and scripts. In addition, one or more files can be uploaded to multiple resources and the upload result can be returned.
  • Multi-step automatic O&M: Multiple O&M operations can be performed step by step on multiple resources concurrently through the SSH protocol. The O&M operations include command execution, script execution, and file transfer. After an O&M task is submitted, the system automatically performs operations in sequence and returns the execution result.

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