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Updated on 2022-11-30 GMT+08:00

What Is the Number of Assets?

The number of assets indicates the number of resources running on devices such as cloud hosts managed in a CBH system. The number of resources is the total number of protocols and applications that need to be operated and maintained for a cloud host.

The total number of resources managed in a CBH system cannot exceed the number of assets allowed by the CBH edition you are using.

The number of assets is calculated based on the number of resources on the managed hosts instead of the number of managed hosts. A host may have multiple types of resources, including different protocols and applications running on the host.

For example, after a host is added to a CBH system, if two RDP, one Telnet, and one MySQL host resources and one Google Chrome browser application resource are added, the number of managed assets is 5 instead of 1.

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