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Instructions for Reseller Customers to Associate with a HUAWEI CLOUD Partner

Dear reseller customers, please read through the following instructions before associating with a HUAWEI CLOUD Partner (also called a "Partner"). Otherwise, HUAWEI CLOUD and its associated companies are exempt from liabilities.

Main Body

  1. After you associate with a Partner's account, the Partner will be responsible for providing contracts, invoices, settlement, technical assistance, and operations on your behalf including but not limited to placing orders and O&M. HUAWEI CLOUD shall not be liable to you except for providing standard services in accordance with the HUAWEI CLOUD User Agreement and related service statements.
  2. Any dispute arising between you and the Partner shall be resolved according to the agreement entered into between you and the Partner.
  3. You agree that upon connection, HUAWEI CLOUD will provide your contact information to the Partner for communication between the Partner and you.
  4. The cash coupons that you have can only be used to deduct the expenditures incurred before you associate with the partner.
  5. Before terminating the connection, please make sure that you and the Partner have reached an agreement on account settlement.
  6. To terminate the connection, you shall obtain the consent from the Partner.
  7. You understand and agree to upload your contact information and customer names, and authorize your associated service provider to access the information when necessary. HUAWEI CLOUD understands the importance of your privacy information, and will do its best to protect it. HUAWEI CLOUD promises that it will take appropriate security measures to protect the privacy information you have uploaded in accordance with the HUAWEI CLOUD privacy protection policies. For more details about HUAWEI CLOUD privacy policies, see Privacy Statement.