Updated on 2023-12-20 GMT+08:00

Using CDM to Migrate Data


Cloud Data Migration (CDM) provides batch data migration services between homogeneous and heterogeneous data sources. By creating scheduled jobs, CDM connects data sources, such as file systems, databases, and object storage on the on-premises storage servers, to Huawei Cloud OBS. In this way, local data can be migrated to OBS periodically and automatically.

Figure 1 CDM workflow
  1. Create an OBS bucket.

    Create a bucket on OBS Console or OBS Browser+ for storing data.

  2. Purchase CDM.

    Create a CDM cluster to manage links and jobs.

  3. Configure links and jobs.

    In the created CDM cluster, create a source link to connect to the local data source and a destination link to connect to OBS in the cloud. Then, create a CDM job to migrate local data to OBS.

  4. Start data transmission.

    Execute the CDM job to start data transmission. You can view the job progress on the job management page.