Updated on 2022-06-23 GMT+08:00


In the era of rapid Internet development, the demand for live video streaming is increasing. Services on HUAWEI CLOUD, such as ECS, VPC, and ELB, provide stable resources to ensure convenient access, low latency, high concurrency, high definition, and smoothness of live video streaming. This solves the poor user experience caused by video freeze and blurring.

Figure 1 shows the typical architecture of live video streaming deployed on HUAWEI CLOUD. Multiple ECSs, VPCs, and load balancers are used. ECSs are the basis of live video streaming, VPCs provide the network, and load balancers are used for traffic distribution. Subtle ECS performance changes and sudden increase of network access traffic will cause service instability. In this regard, real-time monitoring of cloud resources and timely notification of resource exceptions become increasingly important. Cloud Eye monitors ECS, VPC, and ELB resources, detects exceptions in a timely manner, and notifies users of the exceptions.

Figure 1 Service architecture of live video streaming