Updated on 2022-07-30 GMT+08:00


If other Linux applications need application-consistent backup, you can compile custom scripts to freeze and unfreeze them. To ensure the custom scripts invokable by the Agent, save them in the /home/rdadmin/Agent/bin/thirdparty/ebk_user directory.

The following example uses an application named appexample for demonstration.

appexample is a new database. It provides the appexample -freeze and appexample -unfreeze commands for freezing and unfreezing.

To implement application-consistent backup, you need to compile two scripts named appexample_freeze.sh and appexample_unfreeze.sh. During a backup, the Agent first invokes the appexample_freeze.sh script to freeze I/Os, then activates consistent snapshots on disks to ensure that the backup data is consistent, and finally invokes appexample_unfreeze.sh to unfreeze I/Os.

Figure 1 shows the backup process.

Figure 1 Application-consistent backup flowchart