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Blockchain Service

HUAWEI CLOUD Blockchain Service (BCS) offers a highly available and secure blockchain platform with superb performance to enterprises and developers. It helps them efficiently create, deploy, and manage blockchain applications and business smart contracts on HUAWEI CLOUD at a low cost.

Progressive Knowledge

BCS knowledge for users from beginner level to expert level


HUAWEI CLOUD provides a blockchain technology platform service, called Blockchain Service (BCS), based on Hyperledger Fabric for enterprises and developers.

Service Overview


Quick Deployment of a BCS


Provide multiple demo practices to help you quickly get familiar with and experience BCS services.


HUAWEI CLOUD BCS provides basic, professional, enterprise, and platinum editions, with different specifications.

Be a Power User

The HUAWEI CLOUD Blockchain Service (BCS) provides functions such as service deployment, blockchain management, channel management, member management, and notification management. The following figure outlines the BCS usage.

Service Deployment

Blockchain Management

Other Management

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