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Periodically Refreshing a Token

Updated at: Aug 28, 2019 GMT+08:00

Typical Scenario

An NA calls this API to periodically refresh the accessToken. The update interval is the value of expiresIn in the return value of the Authentication method to ensure that the accessToken does not expire. The accessToken is managed by the SDK. When calling other service APIs, the SDK can set the accessToken to null.

API Function

A new accessToken is automatically obtained before the existing accessToken expires.


  1. After this API is called, the SDK starts a thread to automatically refresh the accessToken. The accessToken is managed only in the SDK. NAs do not need to concern the accessToken. When calling other service APIs, the SDK sets the value of accessToken to null. If the value of accessToken is not null, the value of accessToken is used.
  2. You can call the stopRefreshTokenTimer() method to stop a thread. After this method is called, the accessToken in a request to call another service API cannot be null. The accessToken is managed by NAs.

API Description

void startRefreshTokenTimer() throws NorthApiException



Parameter Description

The application ID and secret use the values of ClientInfo in the NorthApiClient class.

Return Value


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