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Updated on 2024-03-14 GMT+08:00

What Are Impacts If No Subdomain Name and TXT Record Are Configured?

If the domain name uses a proxy product, such as advanced anti-DDoS, but the subdomain name and TXT record are not configured on the corresponding DNS platform, WAF cannot identify the domain name ownership.

To prevent other users from configuring your domain name on WAF before you add it to WAF (this will interfere with WAF protection for your domain name), add the subdomain name and TXT record on your DNS management platform. This helps WAF identify real domain name ownership.

How to Determine

Your domain name is in gray in the domain name list, and the working mode is Suspended and cannot be switched to Enabled. If this symptom occurs, your domain name has been occupied by another user.


Go to your DNS provider, add a subdomain name, and configure a TXT record for the subdomain name. The following uses domain name as an example to describe how to configure the DNS service on Huawei Cloud.

  1. Obtain the values of Subdomain Name and TXT Record.

    1. Log in to the management console.
    2. Click in the upper left corner of the management console and choose Security > Web Application Firewall. In the navigation pane, choose Website Settings.
    3. In the Domain Name column, click domain name to go to the Basic Information page.
    4. In the Access Status row, click Make Accessible.
      Figure 1 Domain name access information
    5. In the displayed dialog box, click to copy the TXT record.

  2. Add a WAF subdomain name and TXT record at your DNS provider.

    1. In the Operation column of domain name, click Add Record Set. Figure 2 shows the example.
      Figure 2 DNS page
    2. In the upper left corner, click Add Record Set to go to the Add Record Set page.
      • Name: Paste the TXT record copied in 1.e to the text box.
      • Type: Select TXT – Specify text records.
      • Alias: Select No.
      • Line: Select Default.
      • TTL (s): The recommended value is 5 min. A larger TTL value will make it slower for synchronization and update of DNS records.
      • Value: Add quotation marks to the TXT record copied from 1.e and paste them in the text box, for example, "37c795804124dd4a0dd88defff8941f".
      • Keep other settings unchanged.
      Figure 3 Adding a record set
    3. Click OK.

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