Updated on 2024-03-21 GMT+08:00

Enabling the HTTP/2 Protocol

If your website is accessible over the HTTP/2 protocol, enable HTTP/2 in WAF. The HTTP/2 protocol can be used only for access between the client and WAF on the condition that at least one origin server has HTTPS used for Client Protocol.


  • The website you want to protect has been added to WAF.
  • You have selected HTTPS for Client Protocol for at least one piece of server configuration.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Click in the upper left corner of the management console and select a region or project.
  3. Click in the upper left corner and choose Security > Web Application Firewall.
  4. Click in the upper left corner and choose Web Application Firewall under Security.
  5. In the navigation pane, choose Website Settings.
  6. In the Domain Name column, click the domain name of the website to go to the basic information page.
  7. In the HTTP/2 Used row, click . Then, select Yes and click OK.