Updated on 2023-03-15 GMT+08:00

Cluster and Storage Capacity Statuses

On the Dashboard page of the CSS management console, you can view information about the status and storage capacity of existing clusters.

Table 1 Cluster status description




The cluster is running properly and is providing services.


The cluster creation failed or the cluster is unavailable.

If a cluster is in the unavailable status, you can delete the cluster or use snapshots created when the cluster is available to restore data to other clusters. However, operations such as expanding cluster capacity, accessing Kibana, creating snapshots, and restoring snapshots to the cluster are not allowed. When a cluster is in the unavailable status, data importing is not recommended to avoid data loss. You can view the cluster metrics or restart the cluster. However, the operations may fail. If the operations fail, contact technical support in a timely manner.


The cluster is being restarted, scaled, backed up, or recovered.


The cluster is being created.

Table 2 Cluster storage capacity status description




The storage capacity usage of all nodes in a cluster is less than 50%.


The storage capacity usage of any node in a cluster is from 50% to less than 80%.


The storage capacity usage of any node in a cluster is greater than or equal to 80%. You are advised to increase the storage space of the cluster to achieve normal data search or analysis.


The cluster storage capacity usage is unknown. For example, if the status of a cluster is Abnormal due to faults, the storage space status of the cluster will be Abnormal.