Updated on 2023-06-27 GMT+08:00

Stopping a BMS


You can stop BMSs in Running state.

Stopping a BMS charged in yearly/monthly mode does not affect the BMS fees. If other service products, such as EVS disks, EIPs, and bandwidths are bound to the BMS, these products are billed using their own billing mode (yearly/monthly or pay-per-use).

  • If you choose to forcibly stop a BMS, services running on the BMS will be stopped. Before performing this operation, ensure that you have saved files on the BMS.
  • You can stop a BMS only on the management console and cannot run shutdown to stop it. It is because that the shutdown and other commands attempting to stop a BMS will be regarded as unexpected operations and will not take effect.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Under Computing, click Bare Metal Server.

    The BMS console is displayed.

  3. Locate the row that contains the target BMS, click More in the Operation column, and select Stop from the drop-down list. To stop multiple BMSs, select them and click Stop at the top of the BMS list.
  4. In the displayed dialog box, click Yes.

After a BMS is stopped, its status becomes Stopped.

You can perform the following operations only when the BMS is stopped: