Updated on 2023-07-04 GMT+08:00

Adding a Route


You can add multiple routes and configure multiple forwarding policies for a created gateway.


  1. Log in to the ASM console and click the target mesh to go to its details page.
  2. In the navigation pane on the left, choose Gateway Management, select the target gateway, click Add Route in the Operation column, and configure the following parameters:

    • URL Matching Rule
      • Prefix: A URL can be accessed if its prefix is the same as that you configure. For example, /healthz/v1 and /healthz/v2.
      • Exact: Only the URL that fully matches the values you set can be accessed. For example, if the URL is set to /healthz, only /healthz can be accessed.
    • URL

      Mapping URL supported by the service, for example, /example.

      The URLs of the same gateway must be unique.

    • Namespace

      Select the namespace to which the gateway belongs.

    • Target Service

      Service of the gateway. Select a value from the drop-down list box. The target service is filtered based on the corresponding gateway protocol. For details about the filtering rules, see .

      The service which configuration diagnosis fails cannot be selected. You need to fix the issues first. For details, see Manual Fixing Items or Auto Fixing Items.

    • Access Port

      Only ports that match external protocols are displayed.

    • Rewrite

      (This parameter is configurable when the external protocol is HTTP.)

      Rewrite the HTTP URI and host/authority header before forwarding. Disabled by default. To enable it, configure the following parameters:

      • URI: This value is used to rewrite the URI or prefix.
      • Host/Authority Header: This value is used to rewrite the HTTP host/authority header.
    Figure 1 Adding a Route

  3. Click OK.