Updated on 2024-02-29 GMT+08:00

Product Advantages

WAF examines web traffic from multiple dimensions to accurately identify malicious requests and filter attacks, reducing the risks of data being tampered with or stolen.

Precisely and Efficiently Identify Threats

  • WAF uses rule and AI dual engines and integrates our latest security rules and best practices.
  • You can configure enterprise-grade policies to protect your website more precisely, including custom alarm pages, combining multiple conditions in a CC attack protection rule, and blacklisting or whitelisting a large number of IP addresses.

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Patched Fast

A specialized security team provides 24/7 service support to fix zero-day vulnerabilities within 2 hours.

Strong Protection for User Data Privacy

  • Sensitive information, such as accounts and passwords, in attack logs can be anonymized.
  • PCI-DSS checks for SSL encryption are available.
  • The minimum TLS protocol version and cipher suite can be configured.