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Billing Items

VPCEP provides VPC endpoint services and VPC endpoints. VPC endpoint services are free. VPC endpoints are billed based on your usage duration.

Table 1 VPC endpoint billing

Billing Mode

Billing Item

Billing Formula


VPC endpoint for accessing DNS or OBS


VPC endpoint for accessing any other cloud services except DNS and OBS

Required duration x Unit price

$0.014 USD/hour

For details, see Product Pricing Details.

Billing Modes


VPC endpoints are billed based on how many hours (accurate to seconds) the VPC endpoint is retained in your account.

Formula: Required duration x Unit price

For example, if you buy a VPC endpoint and retain it in your account for 5 hours, you will be charged for the 5 hours you keep it.

Billing starts once a VPC endpoint is purchased even though it has never been used.


For details, see Renewal Management.

Expiration and Overdue Payment

For details, see Service Suspension and Resource Release and Payment and Repayment.