Updated on 2023-08-03 GMT+08:00


Billing of Different Image Types

Image Type



  • System disk image, ISO image, or data disk image: free

    OBS buckets invisible to users are provided for free to store the images.

  • Full-ECS image: charged for the storage on CSBS or CBR

    If the image is created from a CSBS or CBR backup, you will be billed for the space used to store the CSBS or CBR backup.


  • If it is a system or data disk image, the OBS storage is free.
  • If it is a full-ECS image, you will be billed for the space used to store the CBR backup.

    Full-ECS images created from a CBR backup can be shared but those created from a CSBS backup cannot.

Billing of Private Image Operations


Billing Item

Uploading an external image file to an OBS bucket

OBS storage (You are advised to delete unneeded image files.)

Creating an ECS from a system disk image or full-ECS image

EVS disks attached to the created ECS (The system disk image and full-ECS image are free of charge.)

For example, when you use a full-ECS image (with a 40 GB system disk and 100 GB data disk) to create an ECS, you will be charged based on the total size of the system disk and data disk.

Replication of a system or data disk image within a region

None. OBS buckets are available for free to store the image copies.

Exporting images

OBS space for storing the exported images