Updated on 2024-01-12 GMT+08:00


CFW can be billed in yearly/monthly (prepaid) or pay-per-usemode. For details, see Pricing.

Billing Items

CFW (yearly/monthly) is billed based on the edition, service duration, and specifications you purchase. If you select the pay-per-use billing mode, you will be charged based on the actual protection status.

Table 1 CFW billing


Billing Mode

Billing Item




Required Duration

Billed on a yearly or monthly basis

(Optional) Protected EIPs

Billed based on the purchased quantity

(Optional) Peak Protection Traffic at Internet Boundary

Billed based on the purchased traffic



Usage duration

Billed for what you use

Billing Mode

  • Yearly/Monthly: The longer the subscription duration, the lower the price. In yearly/monthly mode, you are billed based on the purchase period specified in the order.
  • Pay-per-use: You are charged from the time when CFW is enabled to the time when CFW is disabled. If you enable the pay-per-use billing mode, you are billed for the number of protected IP addresses, peak traffic, and number of VPCs.


  • After your yearly/monthly edition expires, there is a retention period for you.

    This period varies depending on your account. For details, see Retention Period.

  • You can go to the management console to renew your subscription. For details, see Renewal Management.