Updated on 2022-09-14 GMT+08:00


Automatic Provisioning

Cloud Eye is automatically provisioned for all users. You can use the Cloud Eye console or APIs to view cloud service statuses and set alarm rules.

Reliable Real-time Monitoring

Raw data is reported to Cloud Eye in real time for monitoring of cloud services.

Alarms are generated and notifications are sent to you in real time.

Visualized Monitoring

You can create monitoring panels and graphs to compare multiple metrics. The graphs automatically refresh to display the latest data.

Multiple Notification Types

You can enable Alarm Notification when creating alarm rules. When the metric reaches the threshold specified in an alarm rule, Cloud Eye notifies you by emails, or by sending HTTP/HTTPS messages to an IP address of your choice, allowing you to keep track of the statuses of cloud services and enabling you to build smart alarm handling programs.

Batch Creation of Alarm Rules

Alarm templates allow you to create alarm rules in batches for multiple cloud services.