Updated on 2023-07-03 GMT+08:00


Ease of Use

The out-of-the-box usability allows you to use a service mesh without code rewrite or manual installation.

Built-in Canary Release and Blue-Green Deployment

  • Deployment of the grayscale version and traffic switchover with a few clicks
  • Configurable grayscale policy that can be set based on traffic ratio and request content (cookies, OSs, and browsers)
  • One-stop health, performance, and traffic monitoring, achieving quantified, intelligent, and visualized grayscale release

Policy-based Intelligent Routing and Flexible Traffic Management

Load balancing, service routing, fault injection, and outlier detection policies can be intuitively configured. Microservice traffic management can be real-time, visualized, intelligent, and automated, requiring no modifications on your applications.

  • Routing rules can be set based on weight and content to implement flexible grayscale release of applications.
  • Load balancing achieves high availability for service processing.
  • Outlier detection ensures stable and reliable links between services.
  • Network persistent connection management saves resources and improves network throughput.
  • Service security certification, authentication, and audit lay a solid foundation for service security assurance.

Graphical Application Topology and Visualized Traffic Management

ASM provides visualized traffic monitoring, which clearly displays information on tracing health status, abnormal responses, responses with long latency, and traffic status topology.

Figure 1 Monitoring traffic

ASM integrates Application Operations Management (AOM) to provide detailed traffic monitoring information on each microservice and report on abnormal responses and tracing information, helping you quickly and accurately locate faults.

Enhanced Performance and Reliability

The performance and reliability of the control plane and data plane are enhanced based on the community version.


An O&M-free hosting control plane is provided. Unified service governance, grayscale release, security, and service running monitoring capabilities are supported. Unified service discovery and management of multiple infrastructure resources such as containers and VMs are provided.

Protocol Extension

The HTTP, gRPC, TCP, TLS, and Dubbo protocols are supported.

Traditional SDK Integration

Integration solutions for traditional microservice SDKs such as Spring Cloud and Dubbo are provided. Services developed using traditional microservice SDKs can be migrated to cloud-native containers and mesh running environments without major code modification.