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Updated on 2022-09-16 GMT+08:00

Creating an OBS Bucket

ModelArts uses OBS to store data and model backups and snapshots, achieving secure, reliable, and low-cost storage. Before using ModelArts, create an OBS bucket and folders for storing data.


OBS provides stable, secure, and efficient cloud storage service that lets you store virtually any volume of unstructured data in any format. Bucket and objects are basic concepts in OBS. A bucket is a container for storing objects in OBS. Each bucket is specific to a region and has specific storage class and access permissions. A bucket is accessible through its domain name over the Internet. An object is the basic unit of data storage in OBS.

ModelArts cannot store data and uses OBS as its data storage center. All the input data, output data, and cache data during AI development can be stored in OBS buckets for reading.

Before using ModelArts, create an OBS bucket and folders for storing data.

Figure 1 OBS


  1. Log in to the OBS management console and click Create Bucket in the upper right corner of the page to create an OBS bucket. For example, create an OBS bucket named c-flowers.

    The created OBS bucket and ModelArts are in the same region.

    Do not enable Default Encryption. ModelArts cannot read the data from encrypted OBS buckets.

  2. On the Buckets page, click the bucket name to view its details.
    Figure 2 Buckets
  3. Click Objects in the navigation pane on the left. On the Objects page, click Create Folder to create an OBS folder. For example, create a folder named flowers in the created c-flowers OBS bucket. For details, see section "Creating a Folder".
    Figure 3 Create Folder