Updated on 2022-09-14 GMT+08:00

API Overview

Cloud Eye APIs allow you to use all Cloud Eye functions. For example, you can query the metric list and create alarm rules.

Table 1 API description





Cloud Eye API

API version management

Querying All API Versions

Query all API versions supported by Cloud Eye.

Querying a Specified API Version

Query a specified API version supported by Cloud Eye.

Metric management

Querying the Metrics

Query the list of metrics that currently monitored by Cloud Eye.

Alarm rule management

Querying the Alarm Rule List

Query the alarm rule list.

Querying an Alarm Rule

Query the alarm rule information based on the alarm rule ID.

Enabling or Disabling an Alarm Rule

Enable or disable an alarm rule based on the alarm rule ID.

Deleting an Alarm Rule

Delete an alarm rule based on the alarm rule ID.

Creating an Alarm Rule

Create an alarm rule.

Monitoring data management

Querying Monitoring Data

Query the monitoring data of a specified metric of specified granularity in a specified time range.

Adding Monitoring Data

Add one or more pieces of metric monitoring data.

Quota management

Querying Quotas

Query the alarm rule quota.

Event monitoring

Reporting Events

Report custom events.