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Will IPsec VPN Automatically Establish a Connection?

After IPsec VPN is configured on both ends, a connection will not be automatically established. Data flows between the two ends are required to trigger the establishment of a tunnel. If no data flow is exchanged between the cloud and the customer data center, the VPN connection will always be in the down state. The data flow can be real service access data or ping data between servers.

Tunnel establishment can be triggered in two modes. One is the negotiation automatically triggered through the gateway devices of the connection and the other is triggered by the traffic between servers on the cloud and in the local data center.

HUAWEI CLOUD does not support automatic negotiation triggered by a VPN gateway on the cloud. It is recommended that you verify that the connection can be triggered by the data flows exchanged between the two ends when you set up the connection for the first time. That is, use a server in the customer data center to ping a server on the cloud to establish a connection, then disconnect the connection and check that the connection can also be established after using a server on the cloud to ping a server in the customer data center.

The source and destination addresses of the ping packets must be protected by the VPN.

Before the connection is set up, the gateway IP addresses of both ends can be pinged. However, pinging the gateway IP address does not trigger the setup of the VPN connection.