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Meeting Management

Viewing Ongoing Meetings

The enterprise administrator can go to the Ongoing Meetings page and view the meetings that are in progress.

Viewing Scheduled Meetings

On the Scheduled Meetings page, the enterprise administrator can check the meeting schedule and adjustment meeting resources as needed.

Viewing the Meeting History

The Meeting History page presents the information about operations in the meetings that have ended, including the operation time, operator, and related description.

Downloading Recording Files

Meetings hosted by an enterprise can be recorded only after it has purchased necessary recording resources. The enterprise administrator can view the recording information, download recording files, and watch them. Users who cannot join meetings can watch the HD recordings to know every detail discussed in the meetings.


Regularly check the recording storage space to ensure that the space available is sufficient. Download the desired recordings and delete unnecessary recordings in time.

If you want to hold a meeting that can be recorded, follow the instructions in Recording a Meeting.