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What Is DLI?

Data Lake Insight (DLI) is a fully hosted big data processing and analysis service powered on the Apache Spark ecosystem. Enterprises can use standard SQL or Spark applications to perform federated analysis of heterogeneous data sources and get valuable insights from data.


DLI has the following advantages:

  • Compatible and open

    DLI seamlessly migrates offline Spark applications to the cloud based on the open-source Apache Spark ecosystem and APIs, reducing your migration workload.

  • Powerful computing power

    DLI adopts the high-scalability big data architecture to process data at the TB-EB scale, allowing you to handle data analysis requests in various scenarios at ease.

  • Excellent performance

    DLI uses the in-memory computing model, directed acyclic graph (DAG) scheduling framework, and efficient optimizer to deliver the comprehensive performance 100 times over that of the traditional MapReduce model.

  • Low costs

    DLI bills you based on the usage time. The pricing unit of DLI is compute unit (CU). A CU contains four cores and 16 GB memory. DLI bills you ¥1.4 CNY per CU per hour.