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My Credentials

The My Credentials page allows you to manage security credentials.

To access HUAWEI CLOUD using APIs, you need to obtain security credentials (such as the account name and project ID) on the API Credentials page. On the Access Keys page, you can manage access keys (AK/SK) used for API access.


  1. Log in to HUAWEI CLOUD and click Console in the upper right corner.

  2. On the management console, hover over the username in the upper right corner and choose My Credentials from the drop-down list.

  3. On the My Credentials page, view your API credentials and access keys. Table 1 describes the credential information on the My Credentials page.

    Table 1 Credential information



    IAM Username

    Username used for logging in to HUAWEI CLOUD.

    IAM User ID

    ID of the IAM user, which is automatically generated by HUAWEI CLOUD.

    Account Name

    Automatically created upon successful registration of an entity (such as an enterprise). The account pays bills for the use of cloud resources.

    Account ID

    ID of the account, which is automatically generated by HUAWEI CLOUD.


    Projects group and isolate resources (including compute, storage, and network resources) across physical regions. A project can be a department or a project group. For more refined resource management, you can create subprojects under a specific region and purchase resources in the subprojects.

    Project list

    List of projects you can access. A project must be specified when you call native OpenStack APIs.

    Access Keys

    Access key ID/Secret access key (AK/SK) pairs used for API access. You can create a maximum of two access keys.