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App Management

App management refers to creating mobile apps for management.

  1. To monitor mobile apps using probes, you need to obtain the following permissions:



  2. Ensure that Java 1.8 or a later version is installed and the JAVA_HOME environment variable is correct.

Creating a Mobile App

  1. In the navigation pane, choose Mobile > App Management.
  2. Click Create Mobile APP. On the page that is displayed, enter an app name, select an app type, and click Generate. The system generates a dedicated instrument command for your app.

    Both Windows and Linux commands are generated, as shown in the following figure.

    Both Android and iOS apps are supported.

  3. Click Finish and Copy. The app is created and the commands are automatically copied to the clipboard.
  4. Copy a required command to a TXT file for future use.

Running the Instrument Command

  1. After the app is created, the instrument command exists in the clipboard. If the command is lost or the app is upgraded, click View Instrument Command in the Operation column.

  2. In the View Instrument Command dialog box, click Finish and Copy to obtain the command again.

  3. Implement tracking again to generate a new APK file.

    Wait for 3 minutes. The performance data of the mobile app will be sent to the backend server. You can go to the App Summary page to view the app performance data. You can also go to the Topology page to view the topology of the backend service and click Expand to view Android statistics.

More Operations

On the App Management page, you can also perform the operations described in Table 1:

Table 1 Related operations



Select or clear all

Click to select all apps or click to clear them.

Go to the Topology page

Click View Topology in the Operation column to go to the Topology page and view call details.

Go to the App Summary page

Click View Summary in the Operation column to go to the App Summary page and view user experience details.