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Introduction to ImageSearch SDK

Overview of ImageSearch

ImageSearch leverages cutting-edge deep learning and image recognition technologies to deliver service- and industry-specific feature vectorization and search capabilities to help your search of exact/fuzzy match images from the specified gallery.

ImageSearch is offered through open application programming interfaces (APIs). You can obtain an image search result by accessing and calling an API in real time.

SDK Overview

The ImageSearch software development kit (SDK) encapsulates the RESTful APIs provided by ImageSearch to simplify application development. You can directly call API functions provided by the ImageSearch SDK to obtain the ImageSearch service capabilities.


ImageSearch SDK does not support access retry. If an access error occurs, the SDK directly returns the request result. Therefore, you need to establish a retry mechanism on the client.

Mappings Between Services and APIs

Table 1 lists the mappings between the ImageSearch services and APIs.

Table 1 Mappings between services and APIs



Creating an instance

POST /v1/{projectId}/service

Adding an image

POST /v1/{projectId}/{instanceName}/image

Searching for images

POST /v1/{projectId}/{instanceName}/image/search

Querying an image

POST /v1/{projectId}/{instanceName}/image/check

Deleting an image

DELETE /v1/{projectId}/{instanceName}/image

Modifying image information

PUT /v1/{projectId}/{instanceName}/image

Deleting an instance

DELETE /v1/{projectId}/service/{instanceName}

Querying the details about an instance

GET /v1/{projectId}/service/{instanceName}