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About This Document

This document describes how to configure the SAP system on the public cloud to protect applications from a single point of failure (SPOF). It also explores how to migrate local features to the public cloud platform and improve SAP installation technologies to maximize the reliability of SAP deployment.

Note that this document cannot replace standard SAP installation documents. For more information about SAP deployment on the public cloud and public cloud technical components, see the operation guides of SAP and Huawei.

This document describes how to set up and configure the system replication for SAP HANA databases, but does not guide how to configure the high availability (HA) for databases in details, for example, using SQL Server Mirroring or Oracle Data Guard. For details, see HA installation and configuration guides of the corresponding database.

This document does not cover all service reasons and criteria for ensuring HA on the public cloud.

We assume that you have the following knowledge or skills:

  • Knowledge about SAP system administrators
  • Knowledge about operating systems
  • HA principles of different databases
  • Knowledge about SAP HANA database administrators
  • HA principles of the public cloud.