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    • A

      Currently, assets refer to the Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) that you have purchased on HUAWEI CLOUD. In the future, more asset types will be supported.


      • R
        risk score

        The Security Risk area gives a comprehensive evaluation of the security of your assets with a risk score. The score reflects the security risk of your assets within a period of time. The score, which is a number, helps you know the security situation of your assets. The score is for reference only.


        • S

          See Situation Awareness

          Situation Awareness

          Situation Awareness (SA) is a visualized threat detection and analysis platform. It can detect over 20 types of security risks, including DDoS attacks, SSH brute force attacks, RDP brute force attacks, OWASP Top 10 attacks, miner programs, ransomware, botnets, webshells, worms, database attacks, and DGA-based attacks. Based on big data technologies, situation awareness analyzes attacks, threats, and attack sources to provide you with global security and attack trends.


          • T
            threat event

            In a broad sense, threat events refer to incidents that, due to natural, human, software, or hardware reasons, cause detriment to information systems or bring adverse influence on the society. In SA, threat events are security incidents detected through big data analysis that contain threats to users' asset security.