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What Is VPC Endpoint?

VPCEP has two types of resources, respectively VPC endpoints and VPC endpoint services.

The VPC Endpoint (VPCEP) service enables you to access resources across VPCs using a dedicated gateway, without exposing network information of servers.

VPC Endpoints provide secure and private channels to connect to VPC endpoint services (the platform services or users' services), providing the flexibility in networking without having to use EIPs.

There are two types of VPC endpoints: interface VPC endpoints and gateway VPC endpoints.

An interface VPC endpoint is an elastic network interface that has a private IP address and can be used to communicate with the supported VPC endpoint services.

A gateway VPC endpoint is a gateway, on which a router is configured to distribute traffic to cloud services.

The following figure shows the networking diagram of VPCEP.

Figure 1 VPCEP networking diagram