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Video Ingestion Service (VIS) ingests massive volumes of video data in real time. With its impressive data collection, quick real-time transmission, and powerful data dumping capabilities, you can easily build intelligent analysis applications through integration with HUAWEI CLOUD VAS.
Figure 1 How VIS works

VIS provides the following functions:

  • Collection and transmission of video streams

    Securely streams video data from connected devices to VIS in real time and manages multiple video streams in a visualized manner.

  • Video playback

    Easily streams videos from VIS to your browser or mobile terminal for live and on-demand viewing.

  • Security mechanism

    Supports HTTPS security protocols and video playback authentication.

  • Durable storage

    Retains videos for specified periods of time before sending to more economical storage tiers.

  • Video AI

    Integrates with various video AI services, such as Face Recognition, Image Recognition, and Content Moderation and allows senior users to customize video algorithms using ModelArts.