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Volume Backup Service (VBS) provides snapshot-based data protection for Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks.

VBS secures your data, even if an EVS disk is faulty or encounters a logical error (for example, mis-deletion, hacker attacks, and virus infection). It allows you to effortlessly create backups of your data, and these data backups can be used to restore data quickly.

VBS supports both full and incremental backup modes. By default, the system performs a full backup initially, and then performs incremental backups. You can use a data backup generated in either backup mode to restore the source EVS disk to the state the EVS disk was in when the backup was created.

VBS automatically creates snapshots during backup and retains the latest snapshots for each disk. If a disk has been backed up, the snapshot created last time will be automatically deleted after a new backup job is executed successfully. Only the newest snapshot is retained. When you create a backup for a disk in a dedicated storage pool, the snapshot is automatically created. The snapshot occupies the space of the dedicated storage pool. Pay attention to the space allocation.

VBS allows one-click backup and restoration for the EVS disks on servers all through its easy-to-use platform. These servers are Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) or Bare Metal Servers (BMSs).