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Software Repository for Container (SWR) provides easy, secure, and reliable management over Docker container images throughout their lifecycle, facilitating the deployment of containerized applications. You can push, pull, and manage Docker images through SWR console, SWR APIs, or Docker Command Line Interface (CLI).

SWR can work with Cloud Container Engine (CCE) or Cloud Container Instance (CCI) to facilitate image deployment, apart from serving as an image repository.

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Figure 1 How SWR works


  • Lifecycle management over container images

    SWR manages the whole lifecycle of your container images, including push, pull, and deletion.

  • Private image repository and access control

    Private image repository and fine-grained permission management allow you to grant different access permissions, namely, read, write, and edit, to different users.

  • Accelerated image pull through nodes around the globe

    Docker Hub images can be automatically scheduled onto appropriate nodes around the world to significantly speed up your image pull.

  • P2P acceleration of large scale image distribution

    Proprietary acceleration technology brings faster image pull for CCE clusters during high concurrency.

  • Automatic deployment update through triggers

    Image deployment can be triggered automatically upon image update. Simply set a trigger to the desired image. Every time the image is updated, the application deployed with this image will be automatically updated.

  • Automatic pipelines of image build from source code, image deployment, and container rollout from source code by integrating with ContainerOps
  • Image security scanning by integrating with Container Guard Service (CGS)